Napaphan Wine Cellar (NWC)

Napaphan Wine Cellar “NWC” was founded in 2010 by Ms Napaphan Ruengrod. The company specializes in direct imports of wines from around the world to South East Asia. Most of the wines are imported exclusively.

Ms Napaphan Ruengrod used to work for the wine magazine prior to start wine trade business. The retail activity was first inception as a hobby. It then became her passion to involve with trading and Thailand Sommeliers community. NWC has a team to continue expansion. Currently NWC team has around 5 independent sales people & wine outlets in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Since it was created, NWC always aim to serve the best and value wine to customers in South East Asia, especially Thailand.

In this light and expertise, NWC expand to provide a consultancy duty free shop and importers in Thailand and Myanmar. In 2013, NWC got a sponsoring from the Italian Wine Export promotion which allowed NWC to bring selected sponsors, importers, and sommeliers to Italy and visiting 3 wineries which resulted in rather large orders for the Duty free markets in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.
Our Customers
NWC supplies to most 5-6 star hotels, exclusive restaurants and independent retailers nation-wide. In addition, NWC serves private customers, wine collectors and wine lovers that regularly shop at NWC tasting room / shop which is open from Monday to Friday.

The Wines
We like to sell different fine wines from around the world. NWC has negotiated exclusive hotel distribution for prestigious Italian wineries such as Ficomontanino, Boeri, Cave Mont Blanc, and soon.

Further, NWC is also distributing wines from France, Spain, Austrian, South Africa, Argentina such as Jean-Louis Trocard, Sodegas Santalba, Pago Ayles, Diamandes and Gazin Rocquencourt, Netzl TerraNoble, Josef Fischer, Sutter, Sigmawiein, FnB4U,Daschutz, etc.

A long term relationship with the producers and a mutual understanding is priority in order to maintain a win-win situation between the producers, our customers and ourselves.

Today our company has a target volume of around 40,000 bottles / year.

The Future
NWC Wine Cellar continuously improves the wine list distributed, adding the well-love wines at reasonable prices. The focus is also in servicing and organizing wine tastings at 5-6 star hotels, events for fine wines dinner in top restaurants together with the master class of Thai Sommelier Association.

NWC's strong passion to support the Thai Sommelier Fund leaded to the creation of Bangkok Wine Expo which will be hold annually as non-profit event.
Napaphan 2010 Co.,Ltd.
Importer and Distributor : 252/209, 2nd Floor Muang Thai Phatra 2 Complex Huaywang, Bangkok 10320   
E-Mail : napaphanwinecellar@gmail.com Tel : +66 2 693 3897
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